Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leaving for Kenya

This has been a busy and productive time at home. When I was home in November-December I spent most of my time finishing my materials on Biblical Theology. This last month I finished revising my materials on 1 Timothy. We now have a detailed outline, 45 page commentary, and the Inductive Training Manual all in one volume of about 70 pages. This has been sent to Africa, to be translated into a number of East African languages. If you are interested in reading or downloading any of our written materials, please go to our website ( and click on "Resources," which will take you to our Resources page. We have subpages of documents in various African languages. These pages are all being added to on a regular basis as we develop new course materials, and as our resources are translated into the various African languages.

It generally costs between $250-500 to translate one set of course notes into one African language. I have to pay that cost myself. There are very few good theological materials in indigenous African languages. As we get these materials translated, printed, and into the hands of the African church leaders, I think that they will have a significant and long-lasting impact. You can help this project by sending your tax-deductible check, payable to EPI, to me at 714 S. Summit St., Appleton, WI 54914. Or, you can donate online (see our website). Please think and pray about this. By giving a relatively small amount of money by our standards, you will be affecting the lives of thousands for years to come.

On March 24 Nancy and I will be driving to NYC to see our daughter Julia who is going to school there. Then on March 29, as Nancy drives back home, I will fly to Nairobi. I will be in Kenya the entire month of April (I'm scheduled to arrive back home on May 1). We are planning on a full and varied program: Stewardship TOT; and conferences on Expository Preaching, Biblical Stewardship; Marriage & Parenting, and 1 Timothy.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I will, as always, try to send those on my email list a report from the field. If you would like to be on my email list, please email me to that effect at Take care, Jonathan