Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leaving for East Africa in 3 days

Upcoming trip
I will be leaving for East Africa on Tuesday morning and am scheduled to return on Oct. 25. While in East Africa I will be in Uganda and Rwanda. In Uganda I will be meeting at length with the Registrar of Kampala Evangelical School of Theology, doing a follow-up TOT hosted by Bishop Stephen Sempala in Mukono on 1 Timothy for selected participants who were with us in August and then doing a Biblical Stewardship conference. Ernest Mwilitsa is planning on coming in from Kenya to lead both sessions with me.

In Rwanda I will be with James Mulisa doing Biblcal Interpretation in Kigali and then going somewhere "in the bush" to do the same course with another group.

What has been happening
We have been busy while I've been home, including making revisions to our books on Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Stewardship and getting the latter translated into Kiswahili. The Kinyarwanda version of Biblical Stewardship is almost ready to be posted on the website (just one sentence remains to be corrected!). Hopefully that can be completed before I leave.

I also was able to speak to the good people of Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Ripon, WI concerning ECLEA.

Please check out the "News" page of the ECLEA website ( I have posted several reports from ECLEA-East African teachers about the all-African church leader conferences and TOTs they have been doing--including a recent trip to South Sudan!

This is all made possible by your prayers and tax-deductible financial support. With the year-end approaching, please consider making a special donation since our work is expanding and the results are manifest. Thank you much.  I will try to send a report while I am in East Africa. God bless you, Jonathan