Thursday, December 31, 2015

A nice commendation

I just received an email from a missionary teacher who works in West Africa. Here is what he said:

"I am reading through your MINTS course on Expository Preaching.  I have read through the first two lessons. You are to be commended on a job well done so far.  I look forward to reading the rest of the course. I am planning to use your course in Ghana the end of Jan and beginning of Feb. Keep up the good work."

The Expository Preaching course book is on the "ECLEA Courses" page of the ECLEA website ( It may be downloaded and used for free.

Additionally, I preach on a fairly regular basis at Community Church, Appleton, WI. I post both the audio and written sermons on the "Sermons" page of the ECLEA website ( in order to bot illustrate thee principles I discuss in Expository Preaching and to expound a variety of biblical passages. Those sermons also may be downloaded for free. Enjoy! (And have a joyous New Year.)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The situation in Burundi

Yesterday I received the following email from Felibien Ndintore, director of Rema Ministries in Bujumbura, Burundi. (Rema Ministries is ECLEA's partner and "feet on the ground" in Burundi):

Following the degradation of the security situation since very early this morning, I would like to let you know that our office, like many other work places in the capital Bujumbura, has remained closed this Friday and this has a negative incidence on meeting deadlines for the ongoing projects. Should this be the case with you, please do bear with us. I would however, like to assure you that RM will try its level best to minimize the side effects this might have on the joint projects.

What happened? While it is clear to everybody present at Bujumbura at this time that the situation is bad enough, very few are able to precisely give reliable accounts of what happened and is still happening. Actually many people have been coerced to remain in their respective homes following heavy fighting that started very early in the morning. We were woken up by heavy shootings, spread across the capital city and without interruption for most of the time. This was probably the heaviest fighting since the attacks started early this year following the contestation, by one group, and support, by another group, of the third term by President Pierre Nkurunziza.

As I write this email at 4:30, there are still sporadic shootings in some areas including Nyakabiga, 2.5 miles away from RM’s office. The spokesman of the army confirmed the attack and stated that 12 persons died and 20 arrested. Unverified sources reveal heavier human loss.

With hope that the situation will soon return to normal, I sincerely thank you for your support. Felibienm, Rema Ministries’ Director

Please pray for the good people of Burundi.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

ECLEA 2015 Year-End Report

I have just posted my 2015 year-end report for ECLEA on the "News" page of the ECLEA website:

Please check it out to see a summary of the exciting things that have been happening in East Africa as ECLEA works to build Christ's kingdom through equipping the East African church leaders.

Monday, November 23, 2015

1 Cor 11:2-16-"Men, Women, the Culture, adn the Gospel"

Yesterday I preached on 1 Cor 11:2-16, which is a very debated passage. Nevertheless, when considered in light of the historical/cultural context of first century Corinth and the literary context of the rest of 1 Corinthians, this passage gives us an excellent example of using the culture to advance the gospel; as such, it is highly relevant for us today. 

You can download the audio and the written sermon from the "sermons" page of the ECLEA website, here:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Life in the mission field

I recently received this email from Obed Magoko, one of ECLEA-Kenya's regional coordinators:

"I visited a lady from my side who lives and works in Garrisa [a town in northeastern Kenya and the site of a massacre of approximately 150 college students by Islamic terrorists a year or so ago].
Pastor Francis Mutemi and I were given some food. We needed to wash our hands.

The water on my left was brought:
It was very blown to the point one would fear using it. They use this water for all household chores. The water is from the tap and is metered. They pay for it.

I had bought my water seen here on my right hand. If it runs out I will be left with no alternative but to close my eyes and use their water. Mission field at times is a challenge." Obed

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New sermon on ECLEA website

I have recently been in East Africa so was not able to post anything. Last Sunday I preached at Community Church in Appleton. Here is a brief synopsis:

Sermon title: 1 Cor 10:7-14-"Overcoming the Idols of Our Heart"  
Life is, at it's essence, theological: everyone worships something. That something can either be Jesus Christ or some form of idol. The choices we make reveal who or what we really worship. How to avoid the ever-present danger of idolatry is difficult but doable.

This (both audio and written), along with other sermons, may be downloaded from the "sermons" page of the ECLEA website:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leaving for East Africa in 3 days

Upcoming trip
I will be leaving for East Africa on Tuesday morning and am scheduled to return on Oct. 25. While in East Africa I will be in Uganda and Rwanda. In Uganda I will be meeting at length with the Registrar of Kampala Evangelical School of Theology, doing a follow-up TOT hosted by Bishop Stephen Sempala in Mukono on 1 Timothy for selected participants who were with us in August and then doing a Biblical Stewardship conference. Ernest Mwilitsa is planning on coming in from Kenya to lead both sessions with me.

In Rwanda I will be with James Mulisa doing Biblcal Interpretation in Kigali and then going somewhere "in the bush" to do the same course with another group.

What has been happening
We have been busy while I've been home, including making revisions to our books on Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Stewardship and getting the latter translated into Kiswahili. The Kinyarwanda version of Biblical Stewardship is almost ready to be posted on the website (just one sentence remains to be corrected!). Hopefully that can be completed before I leave.

I also was able to speak to the good people of Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Ripon, WI concerning ECLEA.

Please check out the "News" page of the ECLEA website ( I have posted several reports from ECLEA-East African teachers about the all-African church leader conferences and TOTs they have been doing--including a recent trip to South Sudan!

This is all made possible by your prayers and tax-deductible financial support. With the year-end approaching, please consider making a special donation since our work is expanding and the results are manifest. Thank you much.  I will try to send a report while I am in East Africa. God bless you, Jonathan

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unsolicited comment from Kenya

I just received an email from a man in Kenya regarding ECLEA. Here is what he said:

"May I take this precious time to thank you for the tireless effort you are putting in to equip leaders who will then equip the Church through ECLEA COURSES. I must mention that indeed it has been a spiritual oasis to us."

Thank you, Samuel, for taking the time to write.

Friday, September 11, 2015

New sermon on ECLEA website

Last Sunday I preached on 1 Cor 7:17-24. The title of the message is "The Primary Versus The Secondary." In essence, Christ is primary; our circumstances are secondary. As we take into ourselves who Christ is, what he has done for us, who we are in him, and what we have in him, our lives can be profoundly transformed.

Both the audio and a PDF of that message are available on the "Sermons" page of the ECLEA website:

Sunday, September 6, 2015

New review of Biblical Eschatology

While I was in East Africa, a lengthy review of my book, Biblical Eschatology, appeared on the blog "Spoiledmilks" by Spencer Robinson, a Bible teacher who lives "across the pond." After summarizing the book chapter-by-chapter, he concludes:

It’s a tall book, and Menn packs a punch. He holds to Amillennial eschatology, and he argues it well. Many will be challenged by this book, and they should be challenged. Some parts are dense, yes, but I was surprised at the clarity (mentioned above) in which Menn writes. There were some issues I had to read a number of times (especially the bit about the “‘first’ resurrection” and the “‘second’ death”), but I can say that I have a clearer view of the Bible’s overall structure. . . . This is a book that you will come back to for a long time. It’s long. There is a lot to read. There are more Bible references than you can shake a stick at. Menn has done his work, and this book will require a lot of prayer. Highly recommended.

The full review is available here: 

He also posted a similar, albeit not identical, review on Amazon, here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Christianity and Islam: Theological Essentials

I just posted my ECLEA teaching book Christianity and Islam: Theological Essentials on the "ECLEA Courses" page of the ECLEA website (

In it, I deal with Islam's major beliefs and how they are similar to and different from the major beliefs of Christianity. I quote primary Muslim sources throughout rather than simply quoting anti-Muslims who might misrepresent what Islam teaches.

One African to whom I sent this emailed me today and said, "Thank you for the great work. I have just done a quick preview on the book and most of the queries I have had to deal with in the field are covered."

Given the state of things today and the high stakes at issue, please check this book out. You can download it for free.

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's worth it!

On Aug. 7 a new reviewer posted the following review of my book, Biblical Eschatology, on Amazon under the title, "You may not think it is worth it, but it is!"

"I checked this book out of our church library. It is the best thing I have seen on Eschatology. A detailed presentation and discussion of the major views within Evangelicalism is accompanied by convincing arguments for an Amillennial perspective. A great survey of the Book of Revelation is included along with important appendices that exegete the major texts of Scripture often marshalled in support of premillennial views. If you are of the premillennial persuasion, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Menn's work cannot be ignored!

My only regret is that I have yet to get my personal copy so I can re-read with highlighters in hand. I suppose the publisher, Wipf and Stock, is partly responsible for the price being over $50. But I encourage you to eat out one less time this month and put the $$ toward getting this book. I am. You won't regret it."

Thank you, Jimbo, for this review. You can find this and all other Amazon reviews here:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New review of Biblical Eschatology

Ron Maness, the head of the library at Community Bible Chapel in Richardson, TX, recently bought a number of copies of Biblical Eschatology for the library. Here is the review he posted on Amazon yesterday:

"This is book on eschatology, and the author is amillennial, but before you let that turn you off, let me tell you that the Foreword to the book and one of the strongest endorsements come from two theologians who hold to the historic premillennial perspective, but who recognize the extraordinary nature of this book and the excellence of Menn’s work.

So that should be an indication that this book is special, and let me assure you, it is. In fact, it is in a class by itself. And if reading a theology book about eschatology doesn’t do anything for you, then look through his chapter on why eschatology is important, beginning with the point that eschatology helps to integrate and tie together our overall theology.

It is not a book to necessarily be read straight through (although that is what I am doing), but for the reasons I will note below, it lends itself to be taken and studied in segments.

Summary Points:
1. When you pick up the book, you will note that it is large. It is oversize. But because of the way it is organized, it is a book you can take and focus on particular areas of interest.
2. The main text consists of 12 chapters, totaling 335 pages. Chapter 7 for example is on the Millennium, chapter 8 on the Olivet Discourse, Chapter 10 on the Antichrist, and Chapter 11 is a sweep through Revelation in 130 pages (representing a virtual commentary on Revelation).
3. Then there are 7 very important appendices totaling 140 pages. The appendices include one on Ezekiel 40-48, one on Zechariah 14, one on Daniel 9:24-27 (the 70 weeks), and one on Romans 11:25-26 (“and so all Israel shall be saved”).
4. So of the total 580 pages, the remaining 109 pages consist of bibliography and indexes.
5. The book is full of very helpful charts and tables, showing all kinds of fascinating comparisons. For example, a chart comparing Daniel 7 with Rev 4-5. Another chart has 5 columns comparing the Olivet Discourse with the Seals of Rev 6-8, the Woman and Dragon of Rev 12-14, the Trumpets of Rev 8-9, and the Bowls of Rev 16. The tables and charts alone make the book worth spending time in. And there are scores of them.
6. The chart comparing the four basic millennial views alone is 7 pages, going into much more detail than the normal summary charts of the main views.
7. The number of theologians that Menn interacts with and quotes, is incredible. And Menn is someone who was a lawyer until deciding to go to seminary in his 50s. He is currently the Director of an agency equipping church leaders in East Africa.

Don’t be deterred by the size (or the price). Your only problem will be tearing yourself away from all of fascinating information it contains once you open it. The book is an absolute delight. In addition to my personal copy, as church librarian I added three copies to the church library, and those who have checked it out have been highly impressed.

So don't let this one get away from you. It is indeed in a class my itself."

Thank you, Ron. You can find this and the 8 other reviews on Amazon here:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pray for Burundi!

The elections in Burundi are coming up in just over a week. There has been major turmoil in the country. The following is from an email I just received from Frederic Harerimana, ECLEA-Burundi's national coordinator:

1. Pray for peace reestablishment in Burundi. Since the beginning of demonstrations against the "third term" of president Nkurunziza, the security of Burundians especially at Bujumbura has been threatened. In addition, there is too much rumours which have prompted some people to flee the country and are living in pathetic conditions in neighbouring countries.

2. Pray for the refugees who are living in poor conditions in fear of coming back to Burundi. Some ran away for their security, but a few may have gone for other reasons (not verified though). The mixture of motivations for fleeing complicate further the options of finding acceptable living condition and of returning to Burundi.

3. Pray for the search for lasting solution in Burundi. Politicians have failed quite a number of times to reach a consensus while trying to negotiate a peace deal. Pray for humility and a new rebirth of a spirit of peace in Burundi. Pray for the renewal of our minds so that Burundians reject the rebellion spirit, we embrace a spirit of tolerance, cohabitation, acceptance of one another, patience etc.

4. Pray for the church in Burundi so that we all work for peace. Currently, the church, instead of playing its unifying role, she contributes to the worsening of the situation with a few exceptions! The church needs to authoritatively lead the nation to peace and stability.

5. Pray for the protection over our families. Pray for God's guidance in taking the decision whether or not to stay in the country.

Frederic Harerimana

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The state of the church in Garissa, Kenya

You may recall some time ago Muslim terrorists attacked a university in Garissa, Kenya. They specifically targeted Christian students, killing approximately 150. I recently received an email from Josiah Joab, a pastor who lives in Garissa who has attended ECLEA training sessions. Here is what he says about the situation in Garissa:

"It's well with our souls in Garissa. There are lots of hope for the come back of Garissa. Most people (both Somalis and non Somalis) are tired of these demonic attacks and are crying and fighting to restore our county Garissa and region back to sanity.
As Christian, we have lost so much in terms of business and employments. Church attendance has also gone so down that it has affected church leaderships and programs. We are crawling so to say. However the few of us who have remained are zooming in to Much Prayers and encouragements from each other. We've been organizing joint prayers and fastings. The best is yet to come for the path of the just is like a shining light of a new day that shines brighter and brighter to a perfect day. IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER!"
May God watch over, protect, strengthen, and encourage Josiah and the other believers in Garissa.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Biblical Eschatology listed on website

On June 2 Community Bible Chapel of Richardson, TX listed my book, Biblical Eschatology, as one of their new and recommended books. Here is what they said:

Biblical Eschatology, by Jonathan Menn. Eschatology from an amillennial perspective. Sam Storms rated it number 6 in his top books of 2014, due to its “near exhaustive treatment of every issue imaginable and his fair-handed and always biblically grounded interaction” with other views, which make it “an extremely valuable resource for anyone wanting to dig deeply into the swirl of debate regarding the end times”.

The website page link which includes the other new and recommended books is here:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ECLEA Presentation on website

I did a presentation about ECLEA on May 17, 2015 at Fox River Baptist Church, Appleton, WI. The presentation dealt with why we exist, why we focus on East Africa, our strategy and how we carry it out, and how you can get involved. It is about 58 minutes in length.

I have posted both the audio version (MP3) and the written version (PDF, including the photos I used) on the "About ECLEA" page of the ECLEA website ( It is at the end of the "ECLEA Mission" section on that page. Check it out!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A testimony from Kenya on forgiveness

I just received the following email from Obed Magoko, one of ECLEA-Kenya's regional coordinators:

"Today in church I had a meeting with one of my elders, bro. John.
Yesterday in Church I was teaching on Forgiveness and Reconciliation from the Manual.

Bro. John came to me immediately after the teachings and asked me to allow him the manual; he bought a copy.

Today he asked for a meeting and he said that he has been absent from Church since his daughter was impregnated by a young man from Church, and when he followed the issue the boy's parents became defensive, forcing him to technically withdraw from Church.

He says yesterday during the Teachings, he was able to Forgive.
He went home and applied the REACH model, and for the first time in 5 months he was able to pray and sleep the night through.

Thank you for these Teachings, Pastor Obed"

Nothing need be said, but praise the Lord!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Testimony from Kenya

Lucas Odero was one of the participants at the Forgiveness & Reconciliation TOT I did 2 1/2 weeks ago in Nairobi for ECLEA's regional leaders. I recently received an email from him in which he stated, "Bless you for the discussion we had on forgiveness. I have taught it as a series now for 2 Sundays."

This is an example of why ECLEA exists: to equip the church leaders of East Africa so they can equip others. Thank you, Lucas!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Testimony from Nairobi

I concluded my recent 3 weeks in Kenya with a training session on Forgiveness & Reconciliation for over 30 of ECLEA's Kenya regional leaders. Here is an email I received from Herman Timona, one of the participants:

"It was a wonderful moment of teachings by you under ECLEA on Forgiveness & Reconciliation at Nairobi. This is a true recovery manual that every serious, committed learner should appreciate. Surely you cannot heal a wound by saying it is not there (Jer 6:14). We must come out of denial and be ourselves.

Since forgiveness is integral to the nature and character of God, the essence of the mission of Christ, and maintained by the apostles, we must follow the example in our Christian life.We must apply on daily basis, principles of conviction, conversion, restitution, prayer, quiet time, witnessing, and helping one another. We shall be able to restore and develop stronger relationships with others and with God. Theological school is of vital to the ones identified to have a call."

Thank you, Herman. And thank those of you who support the work of ECLEA. As you can see, we are making a difference. God bless you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ECLEA courses in Congo!

While I was in Kenya recently, I received an email from a bishop in Democratic Republic of Congo. Here is some of what he had to say:

"I am very thankful for courses you have been sent to us. Just to inform you that I have a college and  university which we started in D. R. Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda, and we have been teaching your different courses which are adapted to our programme.Today,we have 250 students in six Centres with 12 Teachers."

May God bless you. Yours in Christ, Bishop Muganza Bukongo BARTHELEMY
From Global Union of Churches, General Director

I am always amazed at what God is doing. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jonathan leaving for Kenya + Biblical Theology is now in Kiswahili!

I am leaving this Saturday morning for 3 weeks in Kenya. I will be in various places, doing TOTs in 1 Timothy, Biblical Stewardship, and Forgiveness & Reconciliation. Please hold this trip in your prayers.

I am also happy to say that the translation into Kiswahili of ECLEA's teaching book, Biblical Theology, has been completed! I have posted the book to the ECLEA website ( where it may be downloaded. I want to thank Deograstius Uhwello of TZ for his fine work.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Biblical Eschatology quoted and cited in new article!

My book, Biblical Eschatology, was quoted from and cited several times (in the text and at footnotes 3, 11, 16, 24, 29, 47, and 49) in the article "Amillennialism: The Now and Coming Kingdom" by Moses Flores. The article was posted on the website of True Declination Ministries on February 17, 2015 and may be accessed here:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Biblical Eschatology cited in 2 recent theological journal articles!

My book, Biblical Eschatology, has been cited in two recent theological journal articles:

Matt Waymeyer, "The Binding of Satan in Revelation 20," Master's Seminary Journal 26, no. 1 (Spring 2015): 19-46 (cited at footnotes 16, 29, 60, 98, 105). This article may be accessed online at:

Abner Hernandez, "Adventist Eschatological Identity and the Interpretation of the Time Periods of Daniel 12:11-12," Andrews University Seminary Student Journal 1, no. 1 (2015): 65-84 (cited at footnote 72). This article may be accessed online at:

In both cases the book was cited as one of several authorities for different propositions, as opposed to being quoted from--but it's a start!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good Eating!

I don't normally push products (except my own book!), but his was recommended by the guy (Vic Magary) who made a big difference in my diet and life, and it looks good. For good eating, check this out:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Photos from Democratic Republic of Congo

I just received some photos taken of ECLEA-Tanzania national coordinator Dickson Laizer during his recent teaching mission to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Please go to the March 4 news entry on the "News" page of the ECLEA website ( and check them out!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Biblical Eschatology added as resource

The website "Amillennialism: Living the Millennium Today" ( recently added my book, Biblical Eschatology, to its Systematic Eschatology section as a recommended resource.

The announcement on the website says:
We have just added two new recommendations for our readers who wish to further their study of eschatology.

We have added Biblical Eschatology by Jonathan Menn to our Systematic Eschatology section. Biblical Eschatology provides what is not found in any other single volume on eschatology: it analyzes all the major eschatological passages (including the Olivet Discourse and the book of Revelation), issues (including the second coming of Christ, the millennium, the rapture, and Antichrist), and positions (including all the major views of the millennium) in a clear, but not superficial, way. The book concludes with a chapter showing how eschatology is relevant for our lives.

Biblical Eschatology makes understanding eschatology easier by including chapters on how to interpret prophecy and apocalyptic literature, by showing the history of eschatological thought, and by placing eschatology in the context of the Bible’s overall story line and structure. Clarity and understanding are enhanced by the use of comparative tables and appendices. Subject and Scripture indexes are included. The book interacts with the best of Evangelical and Reformed scholarship, and the extensive bibliography (which includes the Web addresses of many resources that are online) provides an excellent source for the reader’s further study. This is a perfect resource for intelligent Christians, including pastors, students, and teachers, who desire to understand eschatology and to see how it fits together with the rest of the Bible.

The complete page is found at:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Omnilexica" on eschatology

The website is a "dictionary +." It provides not only the definitions of words but context of words and expressions in order to better understand their meanings. Omnilexica also provides related content - including examples, photos, videos, and more.

In its entry for "eschatology" it cites my book, Biblical Eschatology, and provides a quotation from page 312. Here is the link:

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kudos for Biblical Eschatology!

I am happy to say that Sam Storms recently listed my Biblical Eschatology as number 6 of "The Best Book in 2014." Here is the link to the article:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sermon series on the book of Revelation

For a good series of sermons (both audio and PDF are available for free download) go to the "Sermons" page of the ECLEA website:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jonathan leaving for East Africa in 1 week

It is hard to believe that I have been home for 9 weeks. But it is true, and now I am leaving again for East Africa one week from today. I will be in Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi, doing 1 Timothy and Biblical Theology. Please pray for this trip. Among other things I will have a lengthy bus ride between Kigali, RW and Kampala, UG and two flights (from Entebbe to Bujumbura and later from Bujumbura to Nairobi, the latter with a fairly short connection to catch my flight to Amsterdam and then home in February).

My time at home has been busy and productive. In addition to the holidays, I preached a series of eight sermons from the book of Revelation, proofed some translations, and have been working on my next writing project concerning Christianity & Islam. That will take well into next year to have the first volume on theological essentials completed before I begin the next part on practical/socio-political, etc. aspects and implications.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. As always, I will endeavor to send a report from the field when I am in East Africa. God bless you, Jonathan

Monday, January 5, 2015

New review of Biblical Eschatology

A new 5-star review of my book, Biblical Eschatology, was posted on Amazon on Dec. 28. The reviewer said:

"Having almost completed this book and having been reading several books on eschatology and commentaries on the book of Revelation, this book is a huge breath of fresh air! Menn is up to date with current issues in eschatology and builds on the foundation of other Reformed Amillennial works such as Hoekema's long time standard work. The inclusion of a walk-through of the book of Revelation is a genius move missing from most, if not all, eschatology books."

For this and all reviews, please go here: