Monday, January 9, 2012

Jonathan leaving for Rwanda & Burundi soon

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Since I returned home from East Africa in mid-November, the time has blasted by.
My last two months at home
In addition to the holidays, birthdays of two of my children, and keeping up with friends, I have tried to "redeem the time" by making some important revisions to my written notes on 1 Timothy, Biblical Stewardship, Biblical Interpretation, and Expository Preaching. There are some revisions I am in the process of making to Biblical Theology and Biblical Eschatology. I also have been proofing several translations which I have received from Patrick Njuguna, who heads up the Kikuyu translation team (and he now has sent me the first translation into the Kamba language). The most up-to-date copies of my teaching materials are always posted on the "Resources" page of EPI's website:
I have also ben exploring with my "computer guru" here in Wisconsin, and with my contacts in East Africa, the best and most cost-effective way to supply laptops to my key East African leaders. This will be a rather costly project, but it will be very important for helping the leaders of EPI and the churches in East Africa. Your tax-deductible donations to EPI (which can be made online or sent to me at 714 S. Summit St., Appleton, WI 54914) help to pay for the translation and laptop projects.
My upcoming schedule
All of which is to say that it is hard to believe that it is almost time for me to leave again for Africa (I almost want to shout: "I HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH TIME!!!"). EPI's annual board and staff meeting in Orlando will be on Jan. 13-14. Nancy and I should arrive home on Jan. 15. I then leave on the morning of Jan. 17 for Rwanda and Burundi. My schedule while there is as follows:
1. EPI Expository Preaching TOT training, Kigali, RW: Jan. 19-21.
2. EPI pastor’s conference-Biblical Stewardship, Buhiga, BU: Jan. 23-25.
3. EPI pastor’s conference-Biblical Stewardship, Kobero, BU: Jan. 26-28.
4. EPI pastor’s conference-Marriage & Parenting, Muyinga, BU: Jan. 30-Feb. 1.
5. EPI pastor’s conference-Biblical Stewardship, Nyamata, RW: Feb. 2-4.
6. EPI pastor’s conference-Biblical Stewardship, Nyanza, RW: Feb. 6-8.
7. EPI Forgiveness & Reconciliation TOT training, Kigali, RW: Feb. 9-11.
I am scheduled to leave RW on the night of Feb. 11 and arrive home late afternoon on Feb. 12.
Please pray
Please pray for this. I am always most concerned about logistical and health issues (perhaps that's my own conceit, since those things are not as much within my "control"). Also, of course, please pray that we will make a difference: that the participants will "get it" and apply what we teach, and that it will make a difference in the churches and villages. All of this is so important. In my view, Christianity and the church are the only possible hope to stand up against the rise of Islam and rampant secularism, and Africa is the prime meeting point between Christianity and Islam. Over the next generation or so Africa will prove to be the most important continent with respect to Christianity and East Africa is the key to all of Africa. The church is only as good and strong as its leadership. That is why EPI focuses on pastors and church leaders.
May God continue to bless you. Remain faithful, and you will see important things happen. Jonathan