Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Return from East Africa + auto accident

I recently returned from Burundi and Uganda. Updates of that trip are on the "News" page of the ECLEA website (

Today I received an email from Michael Taari, ECLEA's coastal region coordinator in Kenya. Here is what he said:

"As I was travelling back to Nairobi from our annual conference in Voi I was involved in a car accident with my wife but we were able to come out alive. I got some injuries on my head and back. I have been at home now for two weeks without doing anything but I am trusting God that I will be well soon. Next week on Thursday we have our ECLEA conference at Voi. The people are waiting for us and I believe all will be well."
Michael Taari

God bless you, Michael. We hold you up in our prayers.

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