Monday, June 6, 2016

ECLEA: Biblical Theology--newly revised!

While I have been home I have made some significant additions and revisions to my ECLEA teaching book Biblical Theology. I have added and clarified certain matters, deleted some things, reorganized some other things, and added 2 new appendices (diagrams of the tabernacle and temple). In all, there are about 18 pages of new text. Although the previous version of this book was very good, I think you will find this revised version excellent!

During the course of this I also discovered that some of the sources listed in the bibliographies in Christianity & Islam: Theological Essentials and Biblical Eschatology had invalid links to the online sources; other sources did not have online locations or online previews included in the bibliographies. I have fixed those problems (and where both BE and C&I refer to my Biblical Theology book, I have changed the page numbers referred to to correctly reflect the new, revised edition of BT).

All three books have been posted on the "ECLEA Courses & Resources" page of the ECLEA website ( Enjoy!

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