Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Report from Kenya: Part 2

 George Kariuki teaching at Murang'a
 Small group discussion at Murang'a
 Embu TOT group

Here is a report concerning the rest of my April-May time in Kenya.

Misikhu, KE: Biblical Interpretation TOT
The TOT on Biblical Interpretation was the first time we had done that particular course. It was hosted by Bishop Justus Wafula. I recently received an email from Justus in which he commented concerning that course, "Jonathan I really appreciate the new lesson you did with us. Biblical Interpretation was new to us but I really understood it better. May God touch you all who may sponsored the conference. Some of us from local areas have been problem to get skill we are getting. You are real changing the life of many people.May God bless you."

Malaba, KE: Biblical Theology TOT
We traveled to the the far western town of Malaba, on the border with Uganda, where we were hosted by Isabellah Inyele, parish priest and special assistant to Bishop Zakayo Epusi of the Anglican church of Kenya (ACK). There we did a TOT on Biblical Theology for a group of Anglicans and Pentecostals. The group of 14 participants interacted well and, I think, began to see how the Bible fits together in a new light.

 Murang'a, KE: 1 Timothy Conference
We then returned to central Kenya where we taught through the book of 1 Timothy for approximately 66 pastors and other church leaders. George Kariuki, Bob Mwangi, and Thomas Mwai Ng'ang'a all taught with me. I always make sure to have at least one and, hopefully, more than one good African teachers for all pastors conferences. These gentlemen are excellent teachers and themselves have been leading all-African pastors conferences and TOTs for some time now.

Embu, KE: Biblical Theology TOT
We concluded this trip in the eastern region town of Embu with another Biblical Theology TOT for approximately 28 participants. Most of our courses are geared toward the TOT format in which I try to stimulate as much discussion and Q&A as possible. In this case we had huge discussions regarding the true nature of the Gospel, "words versus deeds," the "prosperity gospel," the nature and place of miracles, and other issues.

This was a productive trip.

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