Thursday, December 11, 2014

Biblical Eschatology referenced as "essential for every Christian"

Michael Newnham, the "Phoenix Preacher," today posted on his blog his "Bookcase Essentials for Every Christian," consisting of ten books. As to these books he says, "I believe that the Christian who reads these books will have an excellent foundation for understanding both our faith and the family history. From here, you will have enough information to explore as the Holy Spirit leads, no matter the faith tradition.They will also serve to inoculate the reader from all manner of foolishness that is taught in the church today." The fifth book he lists is my Biblical Eschatology.

"5. “Biblical Eschatology” by Jonathan Menn. This is the only “big” book on the list and it is massive. It is also the single best book on end times theology ever written. Take it a little at a time and then you will understand all the different theories about the Rapture and the Second Coming…it’s worth the effort."

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