Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sermon series on Revelation

Community Church's pastor, Wade Hetrick, has just started a sabbatical that will last until the end of January. Beginning last Sunday, November 30, and continuing each Sunday thereafter through January 18, I will be preaching at Community Church3701 N. Gillett St., Appleton. Each of the 8 sermons will be from the book of Revelation.

I have chosen Revelation because many churches ignore the book and some others abuse it. Over the last year or two, I have preached six sermons from various passages in Revelation. The eight I will be doing will fill in most of the gaps. The schedule is as follows: 
Nov 30--Rev 1:1-8--"God is at the center"
Dec 7--Rev 1:9-20--"The real Jesus"
Dec 14--Rev 2:1-3:22--"Jesus' promises to overcomers"
Dec 21--Rev 5:1-14--"Worthy is the Lamb" (which, serendipitously, ties right in with Christmas)
Dec 28--Rev 7:1-17--"God cherishes His people"
Jan 4--Rev 13:11-14:20--"The Church, the World, and the Judgment"
Jan 11--Rev 20:1-6--"Behind the scenes"
Jan 18--Rev 20:7-15--"The final judgment"

The services start at 9:00AM and end about 10:15AM, followed by snacks and then an optional small group discussion time (based on the sermon) that lasts until 11:00AM. I have found the small group discussion time to be a very worthwhile time of fellowship and insight.

After a day or so, the sermon (both audio and written) will be posted on the "sermons" page of  ECLEA's website ( Last Sunday's sermon has already been posted.

I think you will find these sermons interesting, informative, and, at minimum, thought-provoking. Enjoy.

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