Saturday, July 4, 2015

The state of the church in Garissa, Kenya

You may recall some time ago Muslim terrorists attacked a university in Garissa, Kenya. They specifically targeted Christian students, killing approximately 150. I recently received an email from Josiah Joab, a pastor who lives in Garissa who has attended ECLEA training sessions. Here is what he says about the situation in Garissa:

"It's well with our souls in Garissa. There are lots of hope for the come back of Garissa. Most people (both Somalis and non Somalis) are tired of these demonic attacks and are crying and fighting to restore our county Garissa and region back to sanity.
As Christian, we have lost so much in terms of business and employments. Church attendance has also gone so down that it has affected church leaderships and programs. We are crawling so to say. However the few of us who have remained are zooming in to Much Prayers and encouragements from each other. We've been organizing joint prayers and fastings. The best is yet to come for the path of the just is like a shining light of a new day that shines brighter and brighter to a perfect day. IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER!"
May God watch over, protect, strengthen, and encourage Josiah and the other believers in Garissa.

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