Monday, April 21, 2014

A first-time event in Kenya

I just returned from three weeks in Kenya. While I was in Nairobi I spent a night at a small hotel in downtown Nairobi where I had stayed a couple of times before. I met with ECLEA-Kenya national coordinator Ernest Mwilitsa there. After he left, I went out to dinner. My room was locked and my two bags were also locked. While I was gone, someone opened my room and unlocked my bags. They stole my camera from one bag, a laptop I was bringing to a Ugandan I know from the other bag, and my phone charger I had plugged into the wall.

It had to have been an inside job. I told the receptionist, and she seemed completely uninterested (I suspect she is the one who alerted her confederate when I had left, since I had told the receptionist I was going to dinner). I told the security guard on duty, and he agreed that it was an inside job but did nothing else.

I thank God that it was nothing worse than that and everything else of particular value (except my books which were of no interest to the thief) were on my person. I was, of course, targeted because I was the only Mzungu in the place. All of which means that there will be no photos from this trip. But, as I say, I have much to be thankful for. I am safe and this theft helps keep things in proper perspective for me. The work of this ministry continues productively and unabated.

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