Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Testimony of the impact of ECLEA

Barnabas Mpekethi
Just before I left for Kenya 3 1/2 weeks ago, I received the following email from Barnabas Mpekethi of Kenya:

Praise Jesus my brother Jonathan. Tomorrow I will be teaching the book of 1st Timothy the fifth time in our Church. Now am in chapter 1 verse 6. Sure your teachings and commentary on expository preaching have really changed my way of doing things, and I thank God who sent you to East Africa.

Last Sunday I preached about the goal of our preaching which is love, which comes from the following: 1.Pure heart; 2.Good conscience; 3.Sincere Faith. Tomorrow I will continue with verse 6 downwards. The word has become sweet and the flow of thought is noticed by my church and the people they share with in the course of the week.

It has become my habit to spend hours on ECLEA's website studying six courses although I saw that [now] we have nine of them. To cut a long story short, God bless you and Karibu Sana Kenya.

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